Monitoring - TapClicks has pushed the updated code and data is beginning to flow in for any instances that experienced interruptions.

As a reminder, the previous Twitter V2 API that included Impressions, Clicks, and Video metrics on the Tweet level will render 0 until an alternative solution is coded and pushed.

TapClicks will plan to reinstate these metrics in a future release, when a more scalable solution against the V2 API is scoped and executed.

Thank you!
Sep 10, 19:02 UTC
Investigating - Customers leveraging Twitter data in their dashboards may have experienced a lag in data, particularly in regards to Tweet data. The issue stems from an API upgrade from the August release and the team is working to resolve the issue by reverting to the previous Twitter API Version.

TapClicks will revert the API version back to V1 to ensure legacy KPIs are updated in the system and plan for an alternative solution for the Twitter V2 API upgrade in the future. Once reverted, any recently exposed Tweet KPIs around Impressions, Clicks, and Video performance will reflect "0" values.

If you have any questions about this issue, please feel free to reach out to,, or your Customer Success Manager.
Sep 9, 19:23 UTC
Identified - This issue is now affecting Facebook Ads mobile ad previews as well.

These previews will render fine on dashboards if you enable the "Display preview as iframe ?" option in the "Styles" section of the widget edition window.

However, they will often show an error in dashboard exports, or on dashboards directly if that option is not turned on.

Details can be found on the public bug report with Facebook, which you can comment on if this is affecting you to help them prioritize the resolution of this issue:
Jul 27, 20:20 UTC
Investigating - Hello!

We are having a global issue with Facebook Ads. The issue is that we have vendor limitations to generate Desktop Previews. When exporting to pdf, Desktop previews don't show up on several instances for several clients. This issue is happening for the Desktop Preview metric of Facebook Ads → Ads Data View. This is affecting the automated reports. This issue has been reported to Facebook via the FB developers portal but they haven't come up with a solution yet.

Ticket on FB portal:

Several clients are being affected. If you are one of those clients, we would encourage you to comment on the Facebook ticket above, and reach out to your Facebook representative.

Since this is a Vendor bug, we will need Facebook to fix this issue and with not much of a response from their end, we are looking for different ways and channels through which we can escalate this to achieve faster resolution from the Vendor.

Thank you.
Jul 21, 18:09 UTC
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Unresolved incident: Twitter - Data Interruption Due to API Upgrade.

Sep 9, 2021
Resolved - This incident has been resolved.
Sep 9, 19:10 UTC
Monitoring - Facebook has announced that the stand alone Facebook Analytics product will no longer be available on the Facebook side after June 30 2021.

If you are relying on Facebook Analytics Data within TapAnalytics through a Smart Connector, please refer to Facebook's information about how to access historical data and what options are available for you to access analogous KPIs within the Facebook interface.

For details from Facebook, please see this page:

The TapClicks Facebook Ads and Facebook Insights Connectors will not be impacted by this product deprecation on the Facebook side.

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Jun 1, 12:34 UTC
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